Many brands underestimate how effective Customer Relationship Management is in boosting sales and increasing profit. In campaigns across media, the cost of acquiring a new customer is approximately seven times that of retaining an existing one – with loyal customers generating 20 times more ROI. Our CRM solution helps brands organise and grow their customer base through intelligence and segmentation.

Our CRM approach is driven not by channel, but by ROI.


Our CRM approach is driven not by channel, but by ROI. We design and implement strategies to acquire, retain and grow customer value and engagement across multiple digital channel touchpoints. We maximise technology, from setting up the tools and tracking elements necessary for audience insights to leveraging our deep resources in analytics and data science. We apply the opportunities of machine learning and modelling to structure vast consumer datasets and drive increasingly more efficient activation.


What makes our CRM solution unique is the integration of M1’s individual-level datasets. When matched with our clients’ datasets, M1 has a better understanding of their own customers, and that enables us to create suppression lists or build lookalike models for email acquisition. This means that we can connect to individuals, on a one-to-one basis, at scale, with zero loss of fidelity. This includes direct integration with DSPs, search, site personalisation, email, social and publisher platforms. Our heritage in both performance marketing and CRM communication marketing means we blend both sides into a new, more effective way of doing CRM. From data planning through to nuts-and-bolts design work, we are driven by ROI and focus on growing customer value and engagement across multiple touchpoints.


  1. Discover

    This step establishes where the organisation is on its CRM journey through interviews, information gathering and a data audit. We fully study the organisation’s data, where it is and how it is used.

  2. Organise

    We then outline the organisation’s existing customer base, centralise it in one place, enrich it where appropriate, and create the key audience segments that can be taken through into communications.

  3. Activate

    This step aligns messaging, content and KPIs to communicate across all touchpoints. This is rooted in a standardised, continual test-and-learn methodology that increases performance over time.

  4. Optimise

    Success of CRM can be measured in real-time, and performance can be improved through constant A/B testing. For each automation process, we define individual and detailed key performance indicators